Tuesday, December 07, 2004

So where has it gone?

Maybe I'm becoming paranoid, what with assorted people either abandoning or considering migrating from blogger, but I would love to know why the post I wrote earlier today, which appears in my blog index has yet to materialise on the blog itself....Everything is taking forever with my puter right now, - whether or not as a result of changing to firefox is another question,- but I would love to know if the problem lies here or with blogger. Can't imagine changing to a paying blog, though...it's too much something I do for my own amusement...not seriously helpful writing to anyone.
Oh, a little learning is a dangerous thing, sure enough!


Kathryn said...

Well, that worked a treat, didn't it? Same effect as booking dental appointments has upon toothache. I'll remember that for future reference ;-)

Tony said...

I find with Firefox that I usually need to tell it to Reload current page before the new posts show up. No doubt it will do it automatically eventually, but for quick results, try doing it manually. Blogger has also been slow recently. But I'm also resisting paying. I'd rather upgrade my web hosting to the 'business' package so that I could use CGI on my server, with Moveable Type or something. Sorry, this is probably just more Geek.

Anonymous said...

Its Blogger - I have just tried to sign in an given up since I was waiting 2+ minutes to even access the comments. I'm a typepad convert not simply for speed but cos its so much easier to use esp links and graphics and it only costs £4 a month. 12p a day is cheaper than NHS prescribed blood pressure tablets which is what I would have need if I have stayed with Blogger!
Tom Allen

Lloyd said...

What is a little time to wait?
In our world it is rush, rush, rush,
take a bit of time enjoy life,
it is so wonderful!
Listen to some music,
Contemplate the "Song of Solomon" maybe,
There is true love.