Saturday, June 11, 2005

Well, I knew I liked him.........

You scored as Jürgen Moltmann. The problem of evil is central to your thought, and only a crucified God can show that God is not indifferent to human suffering. Christian discipleship means identifying with suffering but also anticipating the new creation of all things that God will bring about.

Jürgen Moltmann60%
Martin Luther60%
Paul Tillich60%
Charles Finney60%
John Calvin53%
Friedrich Schleiermacher53%
Karl Barth53%
Jonathan Edwards13%

Which theologian are you?
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What intrigued me was that Moltmann emerged as the result of a tie-breaker, in which I had to choose one statement as the most important. Frankly, none of them were totally essential, but I plumped for the one that would involve me in the fewest "Yes, buts....." I guess I'll have to re read The Crucified God now! I'm also slightly embarassed to discover I am 60% Charles Finney without knowingly reading a word he's written. Should somebody tell the Bishop??
I'm keeping quiet about my results on the other quiz currently doing the rounds...Rhys, Dylan and Tony can all lead you there but thanks to a disturbing 14% score in a particular area, I'm saying nowt. Except that I must understand emergent more than I thought, as it appears I am one :-)


Dave Rattigan said...

I discovered I'm Emergent, too. No comment. :)

I am also a Moltmann, which I'm far more comfortable with!

Mary said...

Ummmm - I confess mine are Moltmann and emergent too (79% in the latter case, tho' my church might be reassured to know that I 'm also 75% "evangelical holiness/Wesleyan" (?!). And can someone tell me what "neo orthodox" is?). It seems there are a lot of us out there (except Tony!)- is there a conclusion to be drawn or is the sample far too small?

Nikki said...

Hi - It's Nikki who you met @ Caroline's the other day.

Having been led here by C's link, I decided to do my second quiz in 12 hours.

I'm scared. I came out as a calvinist. Admitidly I ticked the middle two most of the way down coz I didn't understand half the statements... but in my limited theological understanding, his was always what grated with me most... er... someone advise... what do I do?? lol.

oh, and I was also an emergent. Can't be helped I suppose! But how the heck is one a calvanistic emergent??????

Kathryn said...

My beloved elder son, who has at best an ambivalent attitude to institutional Christianity, has just appeared in the study in a state of outrage. Apparently he is 79% evangelical holiness/Wesleyan....he feels that this renders the whole exercise a load of b******s. Could be he's right :-)

Chris said...

I came out as Barth (a bit of a surprise but I can live with it). So I am at the opposite pole to you Kathryn!

The daddy of 20th Century theology. You perceive liberal theology to be a disaster and so you insist that the revelation of Christ, not human experience, should be the starting point for all theology.

Karl Barth 93%
Anselm 73%
John Calvin 67%
Jonathan Edwards 60%
Martin Luther 53%
Friedrich Schleiermacher 53%
Augustine 33%
Paul Tillich 33%
Charles Finney 27%
Jürgen Moltmann 13%

Mark said...

Found out that I'm 100% Moltmann (next closest was Anselm on 60%) -with Edwards and Luther at the bottom. Apparently, Moltmann is a great whiskey drinker (known as 'single' Moltmann in some circles).

Caroline said...

Well, I'm an emergent Anselm

really not at all sure that I can work that out - don't know enough of historical Theology.

Having said that, I suspect that I'm with Kathryn's son in his analysis of the quiz :-)

Caroline TOO

Chris said...

"Apparently, Moltmann is a great whiskey drinker (known as 'single' Moltmann in some circles).".

That would make him single Malt-man then! Sorry.

Chris said...

Ahh, I see that's what you meant Mark. Sorry, too slow - overcome with eleation after the England 20-20 win!