Saturday, April 19, 2008

Learning Curve

Oh dear...I had so hoped to be a Better Blogger this week, but the pressures of life continue to get the better of me.
So, here's a bit of what i've been doing - so please just imagine me doing more of the same if I go quiet for a while. It's not that I've died, or lost interest in blogging. There's just too. much . happening.
Monday - morning playing in my lovely church school (still on its spring holiday - so no children in sight, but excellent conversation with the Head and lots of ideas sparked in all directions)
Visits made and received. Weddings are coming in thick and fast, which is wonderful but demanding, like so much else in my life.
Failed attempts to get to grips with the "urgent - pending" tray.
Tuesday - Funeral in church and then interment in the town cemetery - a beautiful site on the side of the hill but with definite challenges for the noble army of grave diggers
A batch of baptism families
Mothers Union AGM
Whistle-stop tour of Parish on the Hill, to help me keep track of who lives where
Wednesday - Eucharist, lots more baptism and wedding visits
Thursday - another Eucharist, diocesan healing group, fundraising committee for Church on the Hill's wonderful and historic roof, social evening in the village on the hill.
Friday - day off. Trip to Ikea. Lovely friend visiting. Time to footle with pleasant trivia.
Saturday - paperwork, visits made and received. Sermon...oh dear me yes, sermon. They don't get better, you know!
And do you know what - unaccountably, tomorrow is Sunday. Again!!!!

I'm still struggling with the urge to say "I'll ask WonderfulVicar" in response to almost any question.I'm wondering by what unwritten law of nature all the ladies in both churches seem to be either Margaret, Mary or Marion and what I can possibly do to change this...and what happens when I drop the first of the many balls I am juggling.I'm beginning to suspect that curacy trains you brilliantly to be the priest in charge of your training parish, but maybe not so much for anywhere else. There as so many things here that fall to the vicar's lot, I fear I won't even notice those things which I've left undone until their absence causes something vital to crash and burn.

Watch this space, dear people!
And keep on praying, please...


marcella said...

Prayers and love from all here - me, family across the road, all little fishes including wonderful grandma, friend Sandra, and everyone else except Z who doesn't think you should have taken HG away

Songbird said...

Will it make you feel better if I have noticed these name themes in each of the churches I've served? Darned confusing.

Michelle said...

Prayers are promised!

And the name theme comes up in university, too. Sarah it would be this year (10% of my students are named Sarah...) and my spouse and I often refer to the classes by their names: "the year of the Emilies" gradauted two years ago...

My theory? The Holy Spirit has a slightly off-center sense of humor!

Preacher Mom said...

Prayers from me as well!

Good luck with learning the names and learning the ropes. You are doing just fine, I am sure of it.

bythesea said...

Hey there! I noticed your posts on the Revgal preaching party. It seems we've both just become the priests in charge of a parish for the first time. I've been in town a week as of yesterday and tomorrow will be my 2nd Sunday. I could relate to some of your reflections. As I'm working on my own sermon I didn't take the time to closely read yours, but skimming through it I saw lots of good stuff - actually made me consider preaching on prayer since last week I preached on how we hear God, but it seems like it's probably going in a different direction. All this to say I think tomorrow will be just fine!
Prayers for you.

Caroline said...

oh i'm so pleased to hear that you really do have a roof repair fund in your parish. do you have the ubiquitous fund raising thermometer to go with it?

loads of love and prayer and hugs from here.....

mid-life rookie said...

It's Sunday aftenoon here, so you are probably already in bed - at least I hope you are. By the time you read this, you'll be starting the weekly cycle again. Good for you for actually taking your day off. Keep it up. Prayers for you as you work your way into these settings.

Anonymous said...

Us Margarets are a force to be reckoned with.... no one messes with us - remember that, all you sweet probationer vicars...