Thursday, October 09, 2008


For Annika, aged 7, who is having her third liver transplant as I type...Her mother, Moreena, is a blogger of remarkable courage - indeed, the whole family is remarkable. Today is also little sister Frankie's birthday - so I'm asking God for a double celebration, please.
Anni has been through so much - much more than most of us will ever have to contend with.
I'm lighting a candle for her now.
Please, loving Father, see her safe through, guide the hands of her surgeons and surround each member of the family with your love and peace.

ETA Annika came through the surgery but is having a rough ride now. Moreena is updating regularly - please don't stop praying.


Ivy said...

May God's grace and love surround and sustain Annika and her family. Lord in your mercy...hear our prayer.

DogBlogger said...

Prayers ascending for Annika and her family... and her doctors, too.

marcella said...


RevDrKate said...

Prayers for her and her family for certain.