Monday, October 05, 2009

A church near you

A place for prayer
A place to celebrate
A place to remember
A place for peace
A place for family
A place for friends
A place for hope
A place for today
A place for tomorrow
A place to grow
A place to meet God.

This was the text of the bookmarks splendid Methodist colleague produced for our joint presence at yesterday's Medieval Fayre.The other side had contact details for each church. As it turned out, things were too manic for many non child-centred conversations, so I didn't actually get to give too many out, though I hope that at least a few went home to be considered later - I really like his summary of our purpose, though I might have added

"a place to be fed"

since hospitality, both at the Eucharist and in all and any other ways, feels very central to our mission here in the valley.

What else would you have included?


Graham said...

That is excellent!

What I want to put is something I can't get nearly poetic enough- something like

'A place to launch from'

'A place that impassions'

...oh well- it's only the first comment- others can do it better!

revkjarla said...

I like your addition.
I would add to ours,
" A place to question"
"A place to wonder"
"A place to rest"

Purple said...

Love this.

...a place to "be"