Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Helpful information for kind people...

wanting to contribute to the great cause of silencing me for 24 hours.
Being utterly clueless, though I have used my PayPal a/c frequently when shopping I've never yet needed to take payments through it...so I had to ask the LongsufferingClockmaker how it works.
Here's his reply
"All they have to do is log in to paypall, go to My Account, click on Send Money, put your e-mail address into the box & the amount they want to send you, choose 'personal' rather than 'purchase' below this and then select 'other' from the choices this gives you..."
Said email is available via my profile - so I think it should all work out, though it would be good if you let me know if you think you've sponsored me, so I can check that the money actually comes through and pass it on to school.
Thank you so very much.

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Jane Ellen+ said...


When my sister and I were children we shared a room, and sometimes we would stay up chatting. My father used to put and end to it by saying, "Silence is Golden-- make me rich!" It worked.

I hope your efforts are also successful. :-)

Good luck!