Sunday, March 28, 2010

Displacement here we come!

I've just discovered the perfect game for those whose brains are in pieces as they contemplate the rigours of Holy Week
I encountered "Unconscious mutterings" via a twitter friend whose own blog name "Scatter Cushions" proclaims a being almost as divertable as I am myself. For a full explanation of the process see here but the idea is simple...first thoughts inspired by these words
  1. Bow out ::retire
  2. Relationships ::complex
  3. Facebook ::status
  4. Items ::missing
  5. Ours ::not to reason why
  6. Sting ::death (oh, I should get out more!)
  7. Hangover :: no chance!
  8. Contacts :: glasses
  9. Lonely ::cloud
  10. Seven days ::it'll all be over!


Sally said...

# 10 made me smile!

Michelle said...

I love the "items::missing" piece...sounds like my desk/office/study/life right now!

rajm said...

Glad you've found it, I liked the way hangover moved to glasses - but displaced by one!

Jan said...

What fun! I love words.