Monday, May 03, 2010

I interrupt my unwelcome tidying to bring you this week's Unconscious Mutterings
with thanks, as usual, to Luna nina
  1. Creepy ::crawly
  2. Links :: unravelling
  3. Sane :: Alex (are you reading this, Hugger Steward - the indoctrination is working)
  4. Bun ::Chelsea
  5. Visual ::Aid
  6. Remote ::Control
  7. Freaking ::Out
  8. Curly ::tail
  9. Saga ::Norse
  10. Different ::Country
Now, in the absence of an alternative diversion, I guess I have to get on with the study floor...We are currently on seriously bad terms.


    rajm said...

    Hope the tidying (and the Sibelius) goes well. We have 2 studies both of which have difficult to find floors!

    Michelle said...

    I believe that my study has a floor...but more as an article of faith than by actual experience.

    May yours appear soon...