Sunday, July 11, 2010

Earthed again

After the high tension of yesterday's General Synod debate, which I followed pretty constantly on twitter, it was undoubtedly very good for me to find myself in my lovely churches this morning...Here the high questions of church politics, the anxious deliberations and less than charitable debates in synod could not have impinged less.

All that mattered was that God's people had gathered, and were waiting to be fed.

The Eucharist at St Matthew's was specially lovely...We baptised little A., who was so pleased to find herself the centre of attention that she refused to be fazed by anything we did for her. Not only the vicar, but every one of her party of supporters shared in the anointing - and she continued to smile and giggle at all of us. Even the indignity of three lots of water poured over her had no impact: she positively chortled and buried her head in my shoulder as if we were old friends. Her baptism really was pure joy for all of us there!

But for me the highlight of the day (perhaps the month) came when I said, as I do every week,
"This is the table of the Lord, and all are welcome here".
The chalice assistants joined me in the sanctuary, as did the organist - and there, beside her, was one of the baptism party - so keen to accept the invitation that she didn't so much jump the queue as return to her seat before ever a queue had formed.
It made me so very happy - and I bet God was smiling too.


Anonymous said...

And that is as it should be. So glad you had a good Sunday with a lovely baptism after the anxiety over yesterday's Synod debates.

Would that certain members of the CoE could see, understand and appreciate female priestly ministry properly. Waiting with bated breath for outcome of synod debates re women bishops, as are others at the local parish church (FiF unfortunately) where I worship. I am concerned that if it goes the way they don't want, that the vicar & others try to influence us all into moving to the ordinariate (though they can't take the building whatever they might think). There are many regulars who are not FiF, but it is our parish church - I would hate to see wrangles and bitterness resulting in so much good stuff falling apart.

A Parishioner

Songbird said...

Every time you write about worship, I wish I could be there. Thank you for the glimpses into your parish life.

Kathrynzj said...

What a great moment, a glimpse of heaven.

Praying for you and your "sistren".

Kevin Scott said...

Glad you had such a good Sunday and, as you say, so important to set it alongside Saturday.

And what a moving response from Anon above.