Monday, August 16, 2010

Not exactly restful.

It was a bitter January day.
The snow lay thick on the ground, and driving was impossible.
But nonetheless, I had to reach the Cathedral, where I was supposed to be singing Evensong.
For reasons best known to myself, I set out to walk there already wearing my cassock, - and the heavy black wool was soon wet and weighty with melted snow.
The drifts were so deep that I decided my best route was along the garden walls of the houses that lined my route.
It was slippery and hazardous, but I seemed to be doing alright until, as I moved from one garden to another, a woman burst out of the Fisher Price play house that was clearly her home and shouted
"Get OFF my wall! I'm not having any s***ing vicar walking along my wall.......Who do you think you are?"
I protested that I was already very late, and would definitely not reach the Cathedral if I had to retrace my steps...and which point she responded (in a voice that reminded me strongly of my junior school Maths teacher)
"You should have thought of that sooner......"

And then, to my relief, I woke up - and lo, it was Sunday morning.
All of which suggests that going to sleep uncertain about those things which I have not done is a recipe for an uneasy night...Small wonder that I forgot to take my sermon with me to Church in the Valley, and found myself preaching from my Nokia, reading direct from this blog.


Songbird said...

Oh, dear.

Still Breathing said...

What would you have done without the Nokia / blog combination. I remember a minister preaching and a page of notes fell off the pulpit which was quickly retrieved and passed back by a member of the congregation. Later the minister said it didn't matter as he hadn't looked at his sermon notes in the pulpit for years!

stf said...


be kinder to yourself. You ARE worth it!

Kathryn said...

I'd have got through, I'm sure - indeed, I've done so on a few occasions, - but the English graduate in me enjoys beautifully crafted sentences - and those would have got lost.

Freda said...

Take time for yourself. Sorry about your nightmare - reminds me of the ones I used to have about not being properly ready for church and all the congregation going home!