Monday, February 28, 2011

As part of my attempt to shake myself out of myself during last week's extraordinary retreat (when I have been aware of, and supported by, a network of friends who have reminded me again and again of love and hope and resurrection) I've been praying with the Northumberland Community Office, as I used to in the years before ordination.As well as taking us through Scripture, this Office includes a daily Meditation...As I prepared to come down from the mountain this morning, this is what I read. Every line makes me think of my godmum, J, and rejoice

“As the moorland pool images the sun, so in our hours of self-giving thou shinest on us, and we mirror thee to all. But of the other land, our heaven to be, we have no picture at all. Only we know that thou art there. And Jesus the door and the welcome of each faithful one.”
(Alistair MacLean)

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Still Breathing said...

"As I prepared to come down from the mountain" I think we do need to remember that mountains are only defined by the lowlands around them. You can see further from the top of a mountain but you can't live there; you live in the valleys and lowlands. God bless.