Tuesday, April 03, 2012

More about bread

Many years ago, in my first year of Reader training, there was an end of term Eucharist. The President used this as the prayer over the gifts - and I loved it, but never wrote it down, so lost track of it almost at once.
 Tonight I found it while thinking about grains, wheat and harvest....It's by David Adam. Isn't it lovely?

Be careful when you touch bread.

Let it not lie uncared for – unwanted.

So often bread is taken for granted.

There is so much beauty in bread;

Beauty of sun and soil, Beauty of patient toil.

Winds and rain have caressed it,

Christ often blessed it.

Be gentle when you touch bread.


iPriest said...

It's by David Adam, but I wish there was a 2nd verse about wine... would anyone like to write one?

Michelle said...

I made bread yesterday, so the feel of bread is fresh in my memory.

Thank you for sharing!