Friday, February 15, 2013

So...what AM I doing for Lent?

Friday already...3 precious days of transformation behind me - and I seem to be drinking wine and eating pretty much what I feel like (within the constraints of the "build a better Kathryn" campaign, which continues unabated).
But I feel more engaged by and with Lent this year than for some what AM I actually doing?

Well - I'm doing LESS.
My Spiritual Director has charged me with spending 10 minutes a day being still before God...Not praying...not fidgeting over my faults and failings or hurling a frantic battery of entreaties but just being present in silence and whatever inner silence I can muster...being still.

Meanwhile, I had been enjoying  "Beyond Busyness" - after someone recommended it when I found myself with an unexpected reading day. The lack of regular activity on this blog is testimony to my daily struggles with time management - with discerning the difference between the important and the urgent, with frittering precious time simply because I'm too busy to work out how to use it I was ready for anything but unprepared for how wonderful "time wisdom" is
I'm not going to try and summarise the book - if you CANT find the time to read it, then you surely really need to! - but I will try and track my progress in not being busy through this Lent.
Thus far, it feels lovely - spacious,  thoughtful - qualitatively different

And - I'm doing something really special too.
I'm spending time every evening listening to a beloved piece of Lenten music...Not doing anything else. Just listening.
It's wonderful :)

Here's today's

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Mrs Redboots (Annabel Smyth) said...

Excellent! I read a very thought-provoking article that recommended just that sort of approach to Lent - perhaps someone with anorexia should require themselves to eat chocolate every day, that sort of thing....