Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lenten Loveliness

Facebook and twitter friends already know that this Lent, in a desperate bid to make myself slow down and listen, I have been taking time each day since Ash Wednesday to luxuriate in some of the music that has shaped my faith and opened windows onto heaven for me across many many years.
Being incorrigibly extrovert, of course I've had to share those treasures under the banner of 
"Lenten Loveliness" - and that extra dimension of sharing the process with online friends has meant that this has been the single Lenten discipline which I have actually stuck to faithfully - and also the first one that has made an appreciable difference to my spiritual well-being as I've travelled through the 40 days. 
Sometimes I've been about to fall asleep when I've realised that I've not actually listened to or posted a track...but the process of pausing to think and then to listen deeply to the music of the day has always been a blessing and route to growth, as well as a way of connecting with some special moments of my life, singing in beloved buildings with people I value.

Now, of course, Lent is behind here is the complete list of works - all of which can be found on You Tube if you're feeling a bit deprived of loveliness in any area yourself.

1. Allegri : Miserere Mei 
2. Weelkes : When David heard 
3. Farrant: Call to Remembrance 
4. Purcell : Thou knowest oh Lord 
5. Battishall : O Lord, look down
6 Farrant : Hide not thou thy face  
7. Farrant : Lord, for thy tender mercy's sake 
8. Palestrina : Cicut cervus 
9 Purcell : Hear my prayer 
10 Byrd : Agnus Dei from Mass for Four Voices 
11. Vaughan Williams : Mass in G Minor (part 1) 
12 Vaughan Williams : Mass in G Minor (part 2) 
13 Vaughan Williams : O taste and see 
14 Tallis : O Sacrum Convivium 
15 Vaughan Williams : Love bade me welcome 
16: Ley : Prayer of Henry V1 
17 Purcell : Remember not 
18: Howells : O Pray for the peace of Jerusalem 
19: Howells : Like as the hart 
20 : Tallis : Loquebantur 
21: Gibbons : Almighty and everlasting God 
22 Tallis: O nata lux 
23 Gibbons : Drop, drop slow tears 
24 Tallis: Salvator Mundi 
25 Dunstable : Salve Regina 
26 Cherubini : Requiem 
27 Morley: Out of the deep
28 Palestrina : Tu es petrus 
29: Anon : Rejoice in the Lord 
30 Byrd: Kyrie from Mass for Four Voices 
31 Rachmaninov: Bogorodice Djevo
32 Wesley: Thou wilt keep him
33 Victoria: Tenebrae Responses - O vos omnes 
34  Pergolesi: Stabat Mater 
35 Bairstow: Lamentaions
36 Anerio : Christus factus est 
37 Lassus: Lamentations
38 Gabrielli Jubilate Deo
39 Bruckner: Christus factus est 
Palm Sunday Bonus tracks!  Weelkes: Hosanna to the Son of David
Gibbons: Hosanna to the Son of David
40 Casals: O vos omnes 
41 John of Portugal: Crux fidelis 
42 Victoria: Improperia
43 Durufle: Ubi Caritas 
44 Lotti : Crucifixus
45 Bach Crucifixus and Et Resurrexit from B Minor Mass
46 Wesley: Blessed be the God and Father


Perpetua said...

Thank you so much for sharing this, Kathryn. Many I know, but some I shall enjoy discovering. May this Eastertide be a blessed one for you.

Ruth said...

Thanks for this. I didn't catch them all but I shall do this week. Always looking for new inspiration. Bless you.

Mrs Redboots (Annabel Smyth) said...

Thank you.