Monday, December 02, 2013

Advent Book Club...

Advent...the season above all when over-busy clergy run the risk of that we will 'have the experience,but miss the meaning'.
Every year I have such high aspirations, and every year I fall over the tangle of fairy lights and festive ribbon and realize I've failed again.

It seems a long time since I had the privilege and pleasure of helping to proof read Maggi's lovely book "Beginnings,Endings and what happens in between"...back in the days of curacy when reading and reflecting, even blogging, was a daily reality. I'm aiming for realism this year, so though I've signed up happily for the Advent Book Club of some twitter friends,I won't expect to blog every day...But it is good to be traveling thoughtfully again, in company with others - and with Maggi leading the way.

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