Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Secret Something

Since just before Christmas I've been carrying a secret.
Not a very dark and sinister one, it's true, but nonetheless, it has been a struggle.
I'm very definitely extrovert - so keeping something important to myself is completely against my natural inclinations and I'm very relieved to be able to come out at last!

The Bishop of Coventry has invited me to become Canon Pastor of Coventry Cathedral - and after some very intense prayer and reflection, I was delighted to accept.

This means that I will be moving on from St Matthew's at the end of April, - something that is quite hard to contemplate, as I love and value that community greatly and have gained so much from our journey together.
Nevertheless, I'm absolutely confident that God has called me to Coventry - and though I feel decidedly inadequate when I consider the work ahead, I know that "He who calls is faithful".

I'll be installed on 31st May - and very much hope that there will be a good number of friends in the Cathedral that afternoon. I know I'll need all the support I can get!

It feels very strange to be preparing to leave Gloucester diocese, where I've ministered as a Reader, Deacon and Priest for the past 20 years, but I was made so very welcome in Coventry, even amid the pressures and alarms of the interview process, and I'm excited that I will be part of the story of that amazing Cathedral for a little while.

In the weeks ahead, please do pray for me, for the people of St Matthew's and the wider Cainscross community, and for my new colleagues in Coventry too. I've never really understood the story of Abram/Abraham til now!

And if you want to know more about Coventry Cathedral and its great work of reconciliation - the website is here - with a really good video too.


Perpetua said...

What wonderful news, Kathryn. leaving will be hard - it always is - but I'm sure your new new ministry will prove fruitful and satisfying. Prayers for you all.

liz said...

Wow! Kathryn, how amazing. May you feel showered in Gods blessings through and beyond this transition.

UKViewer said...

Wonderful news and Coventry has gained a superb Priest and Pastor.

Sad for your current group of Parishes and Diocese, but sometimes God's call can come and take us in unexpected directions.

{{{Hugs}}} [*] and love from here in Kent. I envy Coventry Cathedral :)

Nancy Wallace said...

Congratulations - what an interesting and exciting prospect.

Mary Beth said...

What splendid news! Thrilled for you and those to whom you will minister. xo!

carolyn coleman said...

well done kathryn it will a great
gain to coventry xxx

Simon M said...

Welcome to our cathedral family, Kathryn. It will be lovely to have you join us!

Emma Norman said...

Greetings from Coventry where I've just heard the news at Cathedral Praise this evening - Congratulations! Really looking forward to welcoming you to the Cathedral on 31st May and I hope your last few months in Gloucestershire and the move go well. See you soon!

jo(e) said...

Wow. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Wonderful, and sad, news. Our prayers will be with you and yours as you begin this new chapter, which I'm sure will be full of joy and excitement and peace.

pax et bonum

mibi52/ The Rev. Mary Brennan Thorpe said...

Bravo! You will be marvelous!

Francis Hatfield said...

Looking forward to your being our new Canon Pastor :)