Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Holy Week highlights 3

And so we came to the cross.
We came by way of a church full of excited children, whose feet I washed, who each hammered a nail into our big, bare cross with the kind of enthusiasm that makes it hard to deny our own part in the Passion, who fell silent in a way that caught me by surprise as we sat in a circle, broke our hot cross buns and exchanged halves with our neighbour in what I will now forever think of as Hot Cross Bun Communion.

We came in the rawness of the Reproaches
"My people - what wrong have I done to you. What good have I not done for you? Listen to me..."

We came as we heard the Passion gospel again and shared in the agonised suspensions of Lotti's Crucifixus, which creates in music that sense of pain that fills this last hour.

We came to kneel, to venerate, to be silent

Then it was finished.

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lillylewin said...

beautiful! thanks so much for sharing this! i too had hot cross buns on good friday and felt like it was communion! hope you have a wonderful easteride and that your move is peaceful in the midst of it all!