Sunday, July 13, 2014

An LGBT Video Testimony

I've been blogging for - goodness - 10 years now! That's a long time, in the quicksilver world of the internet, where things change from minute to minute, communities form and dissolve, intense connections are forged, then forgotten. I guess in some ways I found my voice here, as "GoodinParts". 
Certainly I've found friends whom I'd never have met otherwise.
I've never been much use at dissembling, so people know who I am - and where I minister - and that sometimes means I have to be rather cautious.

But if people know who I am, they also know my passion for a fully inclusive church, a place where everyone can be certain of a loving welcome, just as they are...because, of course, that's how God welcomes us.

Practically, this means that I've been part of "Inclusive Church" since the beginning, that I've struggled as the message that my beloved C of E proclaims from the housetops seems to speak too often not of loving acceptance but of fear and exclusion. It also means that someone sent me a link to this, asking me to review it here. 
Quite honestly, I can't think that any words of mine will have more impact than the video itself. 
I think it's beautiful...
Beautiful both in message and in execution
Because, at the end of the day, the story of someone discovering just how much God loves them is always worth hearing.

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Perpetua said...

Beautiful and searingly honest. Thank you for posting it.