Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wake Up

This will be my 3rd year, I think, of trying to post an Advent photo a day as part of a Facebook project...but I'm hoping that the discipline of doing this might encourage something close to a daily blog post, however brief.
No promises, mind...
This morning the theme set was "Wake Up".

The light squeezes through a gap in the curtains, as if it knows that I will not be happy to see its arrival.
In a vain effort to persuade myself to feel more positive, my phone alarm rouses me with Beethoven's Ode to Joy.
Usually this fails. I roll over, burrow under the duvet, until the minor vandalism of a cat intent of breakfast forces me to react before the entire contents of my ear-ring bowl are scattered on the floor.
Wake up!
Yes, really, Kathryn - WAKE UP.
Wake up to recognise each day as the gift that it is.
Wake up to the realisation that time is precious, and finite,
That there are things that I need to do that are part of my purpose here,
things that will remain undone if I don't do them.
Wake up to the miracle that is a human body working largely as it should, so that I can get out of bed without having to think about whether it will hurt to do so.
Wake up to the to the recognition that I have friends and family who bring me joy whenever I think of them.
Wake up to the privilege of living out my calling in a place that excites and delights me again and again.
Wake up to the knowledge that today is Advent Sunday, that soon I will lead God's people in worship, that we will stand together and strain our eyes, longing, hoping...
"Look to the east, O Jerusalem - and see the glory that is coming from God".
Wake up. Be ready.
The light that squeezes through the curtains is a promise...for Light is coming into the world if I open my eyes to see it.


Anonymous said...

where are you receiving the themes from?

Kathryn said...

Sorry to be slow getting back to you...It's the Advent Word project of the Anglican Communion office, appearing 9n FB ad Aventis photo 2015

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kathryn. I've signed up