Sunday, February 14, 2016

"And learn to be your people" Part 3

Fasting....not to make ourselves thinner or healthier but to increase our sense of dependence on God...part of the process of stripping away everything that doesn't actually matter.
Reflect on the things that you depend might be family and might be car or mobile might be anything....even things that are good in themselves....
Take a stone for each one...choose to put it down at the foot of the cross...and ask God to help you order your priorities so that you come to recognise your real dependence on him.

Learn to be God's people once again.
Take a piece of broken pottery...carry it with you or put in beside your bed to help you remember that God is the potter, we the clay – that little by little we are being shaped and remade into the people God longs for us to be, as we feast and fast in line with his pattern for our lives.
(I find my piece of pottery in my coat pocket whenever I lose track of where I've put my keys. It slows me down, even in that moment of urgent anxiety...makes me remember that I'm broken, yes, - but nonetheless a clay jar that holds treasure)

Finally listen...listen as God speaks to you, not just through Scripture, nor, tonight, through creation nor one another. Choose a word card and let it be your companion through Lent. 
This is YOUR word...Walk with it, reflect on it, ask God what it might mean for you, how God wants to make this word real in your life. Savour it through all the 40 days ahead...and watch it work on you. 

Here's my word. I'm not sure how I feel about it. After all there were so many others I might have picked - they were in a pile face down, so your word chose you rather than the other way round. "Justice" "Obey" "Adventure"....wouldn't one of those have been more interesting, more challenging, more....

and yet, and yet...OK it feels a bit obvious, a kind of "duh" word...but it's more than challenge enough really. And it's the foundation of pretty much everything else.

I'll walk it through Lent and see where we get to...
No second-guessing the destination. 
It's all about the journey.

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