Thursday, April 07, 2005

Tactical editing

Today, one of my good friends in the parish phoned to say that she had found my blog...apparently via the wonderful google link Kathryn Fleming, Superstar :-).
This ain't a problem in itself....there's very little about my life and times here I'm not happy to share with her, and indeed overall I'd tried quite hard not to post anything that I couldn't/wouldn't decently say to the people concerned. However, she wisely pointed out that some of those concerned are a tad too identifiable and might not relish having our differences of outlook revealed to a potentially larger audience....So, on that basis, I've pulled one or two recent posts, and would be very grateful for early warning if either of my readers thinks I might be sailing that bit too close to the wind.
Therapeutic blogging is all very well, but she's right that this really isn't the place for sustained rants. So...stand by your in-boxes, next time I have a parochial crisis.I'll have to whinge by (relative) stealth....and please do keep up the prayers for all of us. Like most Anglican parishes, we live in interesting times!


Humble Secretary said...

I am happy to be a Mary Whitehouse-esque censorer. I have moments of neuroses about my blog, that I can be traced from it or my humble bosses can be worked out. It is worth reading the cautionary tales about people who have been fired from their jobs because of the content of their blog. Note to self there.

Dr Moose said...

It's always a bit of a poser, knowing how much to reveal or not, and while I don't think I've been overly specific of late I recognise the need too.

If I see anything that appears to me, from the distance of Kent, to be too revealing I will endeavour to let you know.

Anonymous said...

I tend not post directly about parish events or people - more personal reflections. However when needed if the person is computer literate then I will mention that I might blog around them and they might like to have a look ( you can then pull the blog if they object) or it is more personal I check what I to blog beforehand (as with James and the suicide stuff) I find that people are quite flattered that they are going across the world!

Tom Allen said...

Sorry the previous anonymous is actually me!