Friday, October 21, 2005

Another Friday, another five...

My little brain is on overdrive at the moment, with all the reflecting I'm trying to do. There have been some great things this week, which probably merit a post or two, but for the moment I'm just too pushed to process them properly.
So, just to keep myself awake, and because it's lunchtime, here's a wonderfully easy Friday Five from the revgalsblogpals
# What was the last CD you purchased?
Reckless Mercy by Kevin Prosch
# Did you like it?
I bought it for one particular track (Kiss the Son) which I met and enjoyed during the informal worship at our Swanwick conference (thanks Justin and Mark)...have to say that alot of the rest of the album isn't what I'd listen to for choice, though there are one or two tracks that communicate with me. But almost worth owning for the title alone, I think?
# Is it the kind of music you would call your favorite?
Nope...Definitely remain a classical fan at heart, but am having fun on my excursions into other realms
# What was the first album you ever owned?
Jacqueline du Pre playing Haydn and Boccherini cello concertos
# And what was your favorite cut from that recording?
For years, I would play the slow movement of the Haydn to help me make a new room, flat, house feel like I guess that qualifies.

There you are..That exhausts my current blogging potential, and a busy weekend looms, followed by a four day parish holiday at Rydal Hall in the Lake District. Have very mixed feelings about this, so would be glad of the odd prayer that it really does increase our sense of being a church community. It's a first for St M's, who habitually go on silent retreats, and occasionally on a pilgrimage (though not for several years). Inevitably, those for whom this is a real struggle have opted to stay at home.....and right now the Curate rather wishes she could follow suit.


Paul said...

Kathryn, enjoy your holiday, just let them do what they want (except that they buy you the drinks ;-)) I'm off to France on Monday with a group from my parish on pilgrimage, we went last year and had a great time. I think it's likely it will have the desired effect. Silent retreat, no, churchwarden's leopardskin print pyjamas - probably.

Songbird said...

I love hearing that you played special music to make a new place feel like home. Wonderful.