Thursday, December 22, 2005

A la recherche du temps.....

I did this for fun when it came round a couple of weeks ago, but couldn't bring myself to post it that early...Now, since I ought to be madly busy but still don't have the requisite energy for serious present wrapping, it seems a reasonable moment.
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
You are 'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing'. You take
Christmas very seriously. For you, it is a
religious festival, celebrating the birth of
the Saviour, and its current secularisation
really irritates you. You enjoy the period of
Advent leading up to Christmas, and attend any
local carol services you can find, as well as
the more contemplative Advent church services
each Sunday. You may be involved in Christmas
food collections or similar charity work. The
midnight service at your church, with candles
and carols, is one you look forward to all
year, and you also look forward to the family
get together on Christmas Day.

What Christmas Carol are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

On the whole I'm happy to go along with that analysis, though I would dispute the claim that
Hark the Herald Angels is the perfect expression of my view....It's just too hard to pitch reliably, if you're the kind of high soprano I am. I often make it almost impossible for others to make those top notes, which is neither kind nor Christmassy.
However, choice of carol apart,that is a pretty good resume of my normal attitude to the season. I love it. Hugely. Every now and then I try to assume a mantle of weary cynicism, but it just won't fit...
This year, though,I seem to have been feeling substandard for most of Advent, so I'm only now beginning to engage with the Reality to come,- and that makes me sad. Antibiotics may be doing good things for my ears and sinuses, but they wont restore the Advent that I've lost...Any top tips for moving from Advent 1 to Christmas Eve in under 24 hours? I'm hoping that by tomorrow morning I will actually feel like Kathryn, so now's my chance.

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Mumcat said...

I got the same results. It isn't my favorite carol, but I love it when I hear it on my King's College CD (I actually have about 6 King's CDs) -- complete with soaring descant. Of course, just about anything they sing is wonderful in my book.

I can't help you with flipping the switch and turning Advent 4 into Christmas like turning on an electric light, but I can hope you feel better soon.

Happy Christmas, Kathryn. Have a blessed one.