Friday, November 03, 2006

from India via Cardiff

Good in Parts

comes the news - the mother has ARRIVED! Well, my mother at least (hello, Hatti Ghandi here, and yes I am wearing a hat. A wooly one. My heater refuses to work.) And, although she has not forgotten you, the internet seems to be being rather unoblidging when it comes to blogspot (shades of me in Thailand, for a small number of you)
But she is there and it is a blur of colurs and experiences and all kinds of wonders and she seems to be having, and to be about to have, an utterly fantastic time.
....actually, the computer issue may turn out a little complex, but we shall see.

Love to all from her, and to those I know from me


Fiona and Zoe said...

Love to you both from both of us. Glad she has arrived safely

Songbird said...

Good news!
Keep warm, Hattie!!

Caroline said...

and loads of love to you both - and to the boys from here in bristol too.

Ruth said...

Tell mum we're thinking of her!

Rebecca said...

Yay I'm glad she's there!

Chris said...

Thanks, Hatti for taking the time to let us know!