Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Going, going............

Things to remember about ENFPs include the irritating fact that not only will they delay packing for any trip until almost too late, but they will then find it impossible to commit themselves to any given item.

After 25 minutes last night, I finally managed to decide with Bible to take (well, 2....big NRSV with lots of notes, as the prospect of preaching outside my context is distinctly challenging and weeny New Jerusalem, so I can actually have one with me at all times) but really important things like ear rings, which photo of the children and whether or not to travel in patchwork trousers are way way beyond me.
I don't, you'll be relieved to hear, have to choose between those two rucksacks...they are both coming, one as hand and one as "real" luggage...but I'm taking a spare bag to fill up with exciting treasures from lands afar (assuming, of course, that I remember to take my purse!)
I shouldn't find more time to blog before I go, so.........will be in touch as soon as I can from India, - but expect me when you see me. Take care, all of you, while I'm gone....Hugs all round xx


fiona said...

As I HOPE you are going to sleep all the way to India I wouldn't advise that you travel in patchwork trousers - the fewer seams the better. Mind you I think actually arriving at Heathrow in your nightie might be stretching the idea a bit far.
Have a wonderful time.

Mark said...

Take care and have a great time! Love and blessings.

cal said...

Ooh, have fun, have fun, have fun.

Mightily jealous.

Also meant to say, if you have any clothes (especially shirts, skirts, trousers) that you just love the fit of, are wearing so much and are scared of what will happen when they fall apart, then it's a great idea to take them to India and give them to a tailor to run you up some more based on those styles. Cheap and good.

Though I realise this may come a little late as you have already packed!!

Also, if you're that way inclined, try and get a session in a beauty shop/hair dresser. I had a four people round me once at the same time: leg wax, eyebrow threading, finger and toe polish - all for a fiver.

Jonathan Hunt said...

Wow. So exciting. Praying for your journey.

PS I'm the one your neighbour over the road knows!

Chris said...


Have a wonderful time! We will miss you, but will enjoy reading all the fresh insights you return with!


Songbird said...

Traveling mercies!
I'll miss you!!!

Rebecca said...

I hope you have an amazing time. *Hugs* xxxx

Anna said...

Journey mercies, as my Nigerian friend says. Journey mercies, blessings on your time there and the people you meet, and do post soon.

This is going to be a wild and wonderful month for you. Can't wait to hear all about it!