Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cornwall was wonderful

thank you for asking.

Hattie Gandhi remains the perfect person with whom to travel and our hosts at Tregithy were their usual hospitable selves. Even the weather took a turn for the better, so that we could (and did) sit beside sparkling waves, watching the dogs swim for sticks and listening to the cry of the sea-birds.
We walked a fraction of the coastal path and talked about dreams and plans, about life and relationships and about God. And it was very good.

One thing, though. I think I'd question the wisdom of taking 3 days of leave and then returning for the inside of a week before a further break - rejoining is proving harder than usual and I'm sure that's because it is overlapping with the eve-of-holiday wind-down feeling...
Trying to plan tomorrow's OpenHouse and some creative Evening Worship - both tasks I really enjoy as a rule but closely akin to pulling teeth today.
Still, at least thinking about Transfiguration should allow me to recapture some of the holiday mood...Time apart to recognise God sounds rather a good idea to me.


Filigree Strings said...

please to credit the photographer for her holiday snaps? She mentioned to me that she was quite proud of them! ;)


Kathryn said...

And rightly so...HG was snapping for Europe, never mind England.Though I think the top photo is one of mine, at least 60% of those on flickr are actually the work of my beloved daughter- who is, by the sound of it, about to start charing royalties!