Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday, sweet Sunday with nothing to do

So ran a song much loved by my father. With all possible respect to his memory, I'm not completely sure I recognise the concept - but then, as we all know, Sunday is actually the only day we clergy here's the outline of today, both good and bad for your consideration

  • When reconnecting with ministry after a holiday, there's surely nothing better than an 8.00 Eucharist....30 people gathered in church for no other reason than that they want to be there to worship an touch base with God
  • On the other hand, a 10.00 Parish Eucharist in which one member of the congregation has to leave via ambulance is a tad too stressful....and tends to drive all thoughts of important post-holiday conversations out of the mind. I'm still not sure what I should have said to whom during the after service coffee....I just know I didn't say it, because I was in chuch with poorly parishioner and his wife.
  • I LOVE baptisms...specially when one of the candidates falls asleep in my arms between the actual baptizing and the final blessing. Ahhhh, bless.Her parents had pressed me to join the family celebration be greeted by an 11 year old with the words "Kathryn, I know you like pink....There's pink wine in the kitchen" is strangely encouraging too
  • The NHS actually is as short staffed as they say(no surprises there, then) Having been rushed off in an ambulance at 11.30, at 3.00 my parishioner was finally seen by a doctor and admitted for observation. The up side of the delay from my point of view was the opportunity to visit several other ailing members of the congregation - this seems to be a hard summer for the St M's church family. I'm glad to be back with them now that I've caught up with myself
  • It's amazing that the same sermon preached in two different contexts in the space of one day can feel such an utterly different experience. The service at the Congregationalist church tonight was sheer joy...lovely people, lovely atmosphere and the words which had limped this morning flew tonight. What's more, they sent me home with a lovely bouquet, - and flowers are the gift above all else that makes me purr.

One way and another, I'm properly back in the swing of things...maybe a full-on Sunday is the best possible cure for post-holiday malaise. Certainly today has left me thanking God once again for all that this calling entails. Oh..and if you want it, you can read the sermon here


liz said...

I love how the sense of trepidation often felt on return from a break is transformed after a single day back in the fray when the wonder and love of our calling come back with a bang. Thanks for putting it so well in sharing your not so gentle easing into work.

Songbird said...

Been there on having a parishioner leave in an ambulance (same woman, twice!!)--it is a bit unsettling!