Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Tomorrow shall be my dancing day..."

or at least, a day of much singing, laughter and general rejoicing.
Tomorrow, you see, is the start of Greenbelt 08.
Think of the best family Christmas - the times when you really ARE delighted to see everyone who turns up.
Add all the really interesting people whom you wish you could gather in one place but would never dare to ask.
Throw in copious handfuls of challenge, inspiration, and things you didn't even guess that you might need.
Set to music. Whatever music you love...any genre
Remember that you are loved.
Not just once but again and again.

Greenbelt...this year featuring Sara Miles, Brian McLaren, Karen Ward, Sally Vickers - and some of the people I love most in all the world.
I hope you might be there too.

It's impossible to explain how much this Festival means to me, and to so many thousands of others...Why don't you come along.
I promise you won't regret it.


Songbird said...

I'm going to start scheming now how to get there next year!

St said...

Seth Lakeman and Michael Franti too. Enjoy.

Disillusioned said...

I would so love to come along. Really would. It's just so far beyond what i can do right now. The distance, the new surroundings, the number of people, nobody I know (f2f that is)... it all adds up to WAY beyond my comfort (or even coping) zone. That makes me sad, because I know there is so much that could be wonderful for me. And sad because i want to be part of something so many people value. I need to finda way of making some of those difficult aspects less difficult, I suppose. One day. Maybe.
Have a great time. I'm envious, both that you will be there and that you are able to be there.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a slumber party at your place?!

MMP said...

methinks there might be a queue entitled:
" i think i might like to think about possibly going(maybe) next year?"
I'm standing in it anyway!

seethroughfaith said...

Greenbelt...this year featuring Sara Miles, Brian McLaren, Karen Ward, Sally Vickers -


NOW I'm really mad I'm missing it Sally Vickers is a fabulous author

DogBlogger said...

Oh, it sounds like so much fun! Wish I could be there with you (and the "with you" part would be at least half the fun! I mean, I've already covered McLaren for the paper).

RevDrKate said...

It does sound simply fabulous. Maybe we should have BE III there next year.

Purechristianithink said...

I'll get there one day. My latest brainstorm is to try to arrange some sort of summer pulpit exchange with a church within striking distance of London for summer of 2012. Surely there is someone out there who dreads the Olympic hoopla and would rather spend that time in Southern California????

Rainbow dreams said...

apparently I just missed you but I did meet Sally and Merlin :)
Our first year but I am sure we'll be back.. we had a really special time, Katie

Mary Beth said...

I would LOVE LOVE to get in that line. Hope it is going great!