Saturday, April 18, 2009

What shall I do to-day?

Currently a tad tearful as LongsufferingClockMaker has just taken Hugger Steward properly back to Cambridge, where he will stay til late June...Hattie Gandhi was only here for a flying Easter visit, as she is up to her elbows in dissertations & final essays, & the Dufflepud is away too, preparing for his summer trip to Africa.
But I don't want to waste the day. The question is - how to spend it?

I have 48 hours of holiday left & would normally rejoice in the prospect of a good long dog walk or a few hours working in the garden. Frustratingly, neither of these options is open to me. I can't manage 2 dogs on leads with only 1 reliable arm, & all the off-lead walks round here involve at least a short drive first...while the garden is so far from even existing as yet that there is nothing I can do without a few hours of solid digging & a trip to the garden centre too.
I'm reluctant to simply use the day to clear remaining debris from the study & feel the need to do more than sit read.
Any bright ideas for a project suitable for a one-armed extrovert with empty nest syndrome?
I'd really love to do something positive with the day.


Song in my Heart said...

Do you bake? Likely to be slow with one arm, but still achievable, and at the end of it you have tasty things.

I have a project I could use help and advice from, particularly those who know liturgy and music. But it's a secret, and I have no internet access at home today (currently using phone, is v. Slow). I might go find some WI-fi this afternoon. Meantime I'm meant to be tidying.

Song in my Heart said...

And a disadvantage of trying to use phone for internet is I tend not to edit very well, or complete comments properly! I hope the above made sense.

And I hope you get your arm back soon. Only having the use of one is, at best, intensely frustrating.

Song in my Heart said...

Also, is there a reason not to walk dogs one at a time?

Kathryn said...

baking sounds possible...will scan cupboards & see what I might do. Dogs are used to being walked together so I would feel plain mean leaving either home's do-able when there's someone else here but

Song in my Heart said...

If geography were not in the way I would come walk dogs with you, and try not to talk too much about theology since it's meant to be a day off.

Kathryn said...

talking theology always fun - startling how little of it one does in a day's vicaring ;-)

Song in my Heart said...

If you're still wanting company or diversion in a few hours I may be up for discussion via twitter (song_in_heart) or something. Really fed up with lack of internet, can do some things by phone but not the bits that are important. Like looking at cat pictures.

Rhys said...

learn to do nothing kathryn or listen to some music you like that but then that wouldn't be doing nothing would it - never mind

1 i z said...

Idle-ing ideas for the single armed:

Practice making hand shadow puppets, sure a complex dove may be beyond you, but you should be able to rustle up a simple rabbit.

Invent one handed knitting.

Watch crap TV/DVD - remote controls were designed for people like you.

Play a one-armed bandit, one-armed.

Learn to make the perfect cocktail - it only takes one hand to shake and just think of the fun as you drink the results.

Paint your toe nails.

Take up table tennis.

Complete 50% of a touch-typing course.