Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This week

We have been working on our slightly battered narrowboatPolyphony ...Removing and replacing windows, applying more mastick (sp?) than I knew existed to every conceivable joint, and beginning (in between showers) to cover her weary red paint with a rather pleasing blue.
On Friday, we are downing tools and taking her off for a cruise somewhere down the Severn or thereabouts (she is currently moored at Tewkesbury, so we're having to learn the unfamiliar ways of rivers, after the relative simplicity of canals).
Whatever else happens, I don't plan to spend much time online for the next few days. It's extraordinarily good to have all my children in one place, - so forgive me if I just concentrate on enjoying them.
See you on the other side!


Songbird said...

Have a lovely time!

Chorus said...

Yes, what Songbird said.

It sounds WONDERFUL!

Anonymous said...

Hope the weather is glorious too!

seethroughfaith (Lorna) said...


miss you already but happy for you :)