Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Signs of the Kingdom, Signs of the times Week 1: Monday

  • splendid to spend time with community-minded, eco-Pagan friend (yes, this IS Stroud, peoples...) who is warm and wonderful & makes me laugh as we fall over "language barriers". Is it OK to say "God bless..." as we part? Yes, because she's happy with the concept of a benevolent Guiding Principle behind creation.                                                                                     More laughter.                                                                                       Love that we share a passion for building community, and respecting the planet, making a difference. Love that we share a vision for this community as a place where everyone knows that they are valued. Love her ideas of transforming the burdensome gardens of the elderly into longed-for allotments for those keen on sustainable lifestyles. Love that we're not frightened off by the "language barrier" but can enjoy all the Kingdom signs we both cherish.
  • so many good things emerged from Saturday's fayre, including a real ego boost courtesy of that traditionally hard-to-please phenomenon, the teenage boy...According to one Y8 I am not, as I suspected, wooly, witless and weary but "Whacky and with-it". It must be my flowery Docs, but frankly I'm just grateful for the affirmation, whatever its foundation!

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