Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Signs of the Kingdom, Signs of the times

The obvious problem with launching any sort of blogging series is that you create the expectation that you will actually continue it...It would be entirely reasonable to imagine that an Advent series might include posts each day of Advent - but clearly I'm not going to achieve this. That instantly makes me anxious...Am I so busy looking in the wrong direction that I'm failing to recognise signs of the Kingdom? Surely there must be some to see each and every day...
Or is it simply that I lack the time to write about them? (shortage of time has never prevented this born procrastinator from fitting in a blog post, even with chaos and deadlines all around me)
And does anyone really want or need to read them anyway? (I don't have a site meter, so I'm not sure how many people actually visit here, but I do know that there are far fewer comments these days than in the heyday of blogging)

All of which is a very circuitous route to saying that series are probably dangerous. I avoided NaBloPoMo because I guessed I wouldn't have something worthwhile to share every day for a whole month, and I think this applies equally to Advent.
But I'll keep trying to offer the signs that speak to me...because, after all, blogging is a pretty narcissistic activity. If they work for anyone else as well, that's a bonus.

So...I was in school again, continuing to explore the meaning of waiting, and what we might really be waiting for. We talked alot about CHRIST...then one small hand began waving around in great excitement.

"Kathryn, Kathryn...I know what the other bit of Christmas means...It means it's for alot of people altogether. That's what a mass is...So Christmas means Christ for lots of people"

Linguistically dodgy, theologically spot on I'd say.


Anonymous said...

Love reading about your signs. It encourages me to look for my own and here was me worrying that I was less that a perfect priest because I haven't spotted a super brilliant one everyday like you!

JP said...

Well, this curate at least is very glad to read your signs of the Kingdom, whether in Advent or at any other time of the year. Please don't feel guilty for not blogging so often - just pop something up here whenever you get the chance.

Might use "Christ for lots of people" at midnight - thanks!

[WV: subible - good one!]

Anonymous said...

Seldom have time to comment but do manage to read and appreciate your blog. Keep on keeping on.

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

love it!

Mary Beth said...

always happy to read you.