Friday, August 20, 2004

More rites of passage

I feel rather ancient today, if truth be told...
Yesterday I finally organised insurance cover for Luci to drive my car. I've never been a great one for white-knuckle rides, but have to say that her driving was really quite reasonable. After all, an unexpected traffic bollard after a mini- roundabout might surprise anyone,- and there is no doubt that her braking is excellent!
However, nothing had prepared me for the realisation that this is another milestone on the journey into an independent life in which I'll have minimal part.Of course I'd known all along that parenthood is the gradual process of working yourself out of a job, but yesterday I realised something of how it will feel. This morning we went in to school to collect A/S results..again there is nothing I can do to fix these if they don't work for her (thankfully she managed A's in English and Philosophy, with B's for History,Music and Gen. Studies...she's cross that History and Philos. werent reversed, but otherwise quite content)
Lunch time she boarded a train for a 4 day trawl around assorted northern universities...and there she was, gone! I know she'll be back on Tuesday (albeit briefly) but this is a foretaste at least....methinks I have some preparation to do before I'm ready for autumn 05,not least because I'm not that sure I've done all my own growing up yet.


Humble Secretary said...

Well Luci is a total star with such results - wow. And K, my dear, you have more growing up to do than you think - or is it time to grow down?

Humble Secretary said...

Kathryn you can't feel ancient given that you spend half your life acting your shoe size. And if you are feeling old, start trying to grow down rather than up. Much more fun and less far to fall after ginning for Jesus.

And L is a star with those results. May feasting and delight be with her.

Humble Secretary said...

Grrrr. I can't for the life of me work a computer. I posted comment one earlier today and it went into the ether - or so I thought - until I posted comment 2 and there it is.

Apologies good reader. I blame the i-Mac I am at the mercy of.

Kathryn said...

It's fine, love...think how important I felt with multiple comments posted! It matters not a jot that they all turn out to be from the same person...and I'm very happy to collect any number of congratulations on Luci's behalf in any case :-)
Other blogging friends will know that it's usually me who posts the same comment twice, so there's poetic justice afoot too...and you're nearly home with your own beloved puter now.