Thursday, August 26, 2004

Nearly there...

As I type the house resounds with excited yelps (the dogs are quite noisy too)
Torches are re-united with batteries, holey shoes jettisoned in favour of more waterproof alternatives and somebody, somewhere, must know about the tent pegs....and do we REALLY need that much loo paper?
Oddly,I was really underwhelmed at the prospect of GB this year for some reason: so much new and exciting to take on board in the parish, so I guess I felt in less need of a lift than in years past, and assorted slight technical hitches re camping, friends, dog-sitters etc threatened to obscure the sparkle. Until last night, that is, when I met up for a drink with some notable bloggers (here,here and here) who have been working away on site in the best beaver tradition....and suddenly I realised that its really HERE....GB 04 starts tomorrow...and the joy of it all has kept me fizzing away all morning. Wonder if the GB magic works on PCC meetings...I'll let you know, as such is my destiny this afternoon.
Looking forward so much to seeing friends, and making new ones.I'll be the one squealing with excitement and surrounded by teenagers muttering "Down mother...."
See you there

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