Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Service resumed...

Blogging has been somewhat disrupted of late by the fact that those "nice" men at Tiscali and the equally "nice" men at BT have between them been unable to achieve broadband access for us....though happy to take our money for it ever since early July. ;-( Intermittent service was beginning to feel "normal", and I was prepared to be tolerant as long as I could get on line at least once a day.... but this is the first time I've been able to get on line this week...and it's now Wednesday.
I hate the fact that I feel so dependent....get all jumpy and anxious when cut off from my friends...and I even had something to talk about for once ;-)
No idea how long the current amnesty might last, but I intend to enjoy it while it the knowledge that most of you will be busy packing up for GB anyway, so I can wibble away without fear or favour.
Monday I spent in Durham in the rain....Luci was attending a uni Open Day...which impressed neither of us hugely. The faculty came across as so full of its own importance that nobody who wasn't convinced they were Shakespeare, Mozart and Einstein combined would presume to apply ....
However, the Cathedral was as lovely as ever...sitting in the cloisters watching the rain streak down in that pearly grey light that I remember as more or less constant during my Durham year, I realised just how many wonderful things have happened to me since...and how very very thankful I am.Sorry if that sounds revoltingly just was a good moment to take stock and be happy.
Eating ginger bread men with Luci as we walked to the station was just fun and Durham and I parted on good terms, even though its unlikely I'll be returning any time soon.

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