Friday, February 04, 2005


In my comments box below, Tom penned these words, which I find so very helpful that I thought I'd put them up in lights...

"We need constantly to remind ourselves that we are sharing Christ's peace and not our own meagre human peace. So I have found myself saying to people - well at least offer it, even if that isn't quite where your heart is at the moment - but equally understanding when people find that impossible"

From my point of view, this gives me something I really feel I can work with. It's so horribly easy to be aware of the human perspectives in worship to the near-exclusion of the divine....but it's not about us, is it?


Grumbling At God said...

If I said I agree, would you faint? Tom, thanks for saying it so nicely. It would be good if that in churches, the fact that it is God's peace and not our peace could be recognised to prevent the time becomming something of a social intermission in the service, and treated as an integral part of the liturgy.

Sorry if that sounds really unkind and judgmental. It is not meant to be and I hope you understand the sentiment.

Lawn Greengrass said...

nice excuse...I like it.