Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wise advice.

I spent yesterday, along with many others, at a pre-Lent Quiet Day in the Cathedral, led by +Stephen Cottrell....His theme "A Pastoral Letter to Myself" had emerged from a "build a better bishop" course which he and our diocesan had recently undergone, as part of their first year induction training. Among many gems, the mantra I came back with was
"Make time for prayer, make time for sleep and then do what you can."
On the verge of what looks to be a rather frantic season, I hope to hang onto this...and am grateful to the noble three who turned out this morning to give meaning to the Bishop's vision of churches open for prayer and people praying together this Lent.


1 i z said...

Which leaves a personal life where exactly???

Kathryn said...

I kind of assumed it fell into the "do what you can" of those essentials we aren't supposed to feel get in the way of what we are "supposed" to be doing. To me +Stephen was being liberating rather than constraining,- though if you were to assume that "what you can" simply meant work, I can see it would be a disaterous recipe.