Saturday, September 24, 2005

Please pray

Only a week to go now, so things are becoming a little manic, as we've also our Dedication service (smells, bells, copes and our wonderful Bishop)and a Flower Festival on that same weekend.
In the interim, I'm spending much of the time away at our diocesan conference where I'm looking forward to some alt worship with Hopeful Amphibian, Just the Rev and others. The prevalent chaos of the study is currently compounded by a large box overflowing with essentials for this, including a substantial terracotta pot with a crack in it...I'm looking forward to my vicar's face as we load that into the car on Monday. Something about "crackpot ideas" seems almost inevitable.
Today and tomorrow I'm at good friends' ordinations/first Eucharists; we all trained together and it has been odd to think that all this summer while I've been happily assimilating the joys of priesthood, they have had to wait. I'm glad we'll all be together again from tomorrow.

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