Friday, September 23, 2005

Some answers for Lorna

A few days ago, Lorna tagged me with this. I was nosey enough to enjoy reading other people's responses, but it was quite hard to find the time to think seriously about these questions, and I have to admit I didn't enjoy the process this time...something about the degree of self absorption involved that I didn't find comfortable.
Having said which, I'm nothing if not obedient (walk on the grass?? they might be cross with me if I did) so here are my attempts at the "quint"essential Kathryn....

5 things I plan to do before I die

1. be part of an accessible church that is serious about sharing God’s love with its community
2. visit the Holy Land
3. play the organ
4. take my children to Venice
5. learn to arrange flowers

5 things I can do

1. sing…though not as well as I used to
2. relate to children of all ages
3. really listen to people
4 . initiate 5 new projects before breakfast
5. hug

5 things I cannot do
1. tidy up as I go along
2. say No
3. leave a conversation till I’ve wrung every drop out of it
4. concentrate on one thing at a time
5. make meringues

5 things that attract me to other people
1. gentleness
2. integrity
3. willingness to be vulnerable
4. silly sense of humour
5 .....................
I know, that’s only 4…the 5th is indefinable….maybe its something to do with the spark of God in them?

5 things I say most often
1. love you
2. Sorry…I’m late already
3. Help! Keys?!?
4. Will you shut UP Dillon! (D is our Jack Russell terrier)
5. It’s at the top of my list….

5 celebrity crushes
Sorry…don’t really do celebrities…crushes, yes, celebrities no. As a teenager I had a poster of the young Simon Rattle on my bedroom wall, because all my friends had pop pinups and I really couldn’t make myself pretend I cared about them. Hugh Grant and George Clooney are very decorative, and I could seriously fall in love with Jeff Buckley’s voice,-or Ian Bostridge, come to that, but beyond that…

5 people to tag…anyone who wants to, I guess. As I said, I didn't find this easy, so I wouldn’t want to demand it of anyone else. Having said which, there are lots of people on my blog roll whom I’d like to know better, so do have a go if you're willing.


Lorna said...

sorry :(

I found it actually quite good to do the first question at least.And I loved reading some of the answers.I loved it that Ross wanted to plant a church, and that you want to visit the Holy land.

and why Venice? (grin!)

I think the learning to arrange flowers must be your English heritage. Finns buy and bring flowers for any tiny reason and they are always beautifully done. I love it. I've taken to buying flowers for us sometimes especially when there's so little colour outside eg. November!

Church on the otherhand don't go in for flowers in a big way :( no flowers don't happen there much at all. Never thought about it before.

In Derbyshire I loved the well dressings. They were really special. Have you ever been? One of these days I'll research that - just for fun I think. Probably when I'm 80!

I also loved reading the 5 things you can do. It was a bit introspective, I agree, but I think in Finland especially we are too much of the hide our talents, if you say you can do something "voi voi (oh dear!) it must be pride - cast it out" - sort of mentality.

It's healthy sometimes to look at what we can do. And I can make a mean chocolate cake - one day I'll pop across and make one in your kitchen. lol!

be blessed. thanks for answering even though it wasn't the most comfortable thing you've ever been asked to do.

SpookyRach said...

"quint"essential! :)

Enjoyed your answers. (Poor ol' D. ha ha!)

Rev Sam said...

1st attempt at track back so it might not work....

Rev Sam said...

Try this instead

Serena said...

Poor wee Dillon! :)

Also, who could not love Ian Bostridge's voice?!

Anna said...

I too am always trying to get every last drop out of a conversation! No wonder my phone chats with friends and family last for hours.

This is a fun quiz, and harder than it looks. If I have time in the next week or two, I'll try to do it.