Friday, February 24, 2006

Cat blogging

Chloe and Tallis wait, none too patiently, for an end to bread-making and some action on their supper. Sadly, it's only 2.00 pm...but these members of the curate's household have no talent whatsoever for procrastination.


On second thoughts....following the advice of Friday Mom, Chloe, Tallis, and the pirate Teddy are happy to while away an hour or two blogging their answers to Whistle and Fish
1. What's your favorite food?
Concensus decrees whatever the humans are preparing for their supper…..if they won’t let us get our noses in, we know it must be wonderful.

2. What is your favorite toy?
Teddy: Toy? I have put away childish things! Far too busy sleeping and eating to play. Seriously.
Chloe: Well, if nobody’s looking, I do rather like to play with my Girl’s hair
Tallis: That silly loud dog Dillon, of course. He falls for the “helpless kitten” pose every time, and then I can chase him round the house...and he yelps beautifully when I get him on the nose.
I do like the Curate’s knitting too. Cool colours.

3. What is your best trick?
Teddy: Pirates don’t have to do tricks. However, I am not known as the Ginger Bed-hog for nothing, and have perfected my leg-extension exercises so that I can fill more than half of a double bed, if the Curate happens to invite me in to keep her company on her day off.
And I play the piano very well. It's best at night, once the house is quiet, and I can hear myself think.
Chloe: I wake up my Girl at 7.00 every morning, specially when she doesn’t have to be out of the house until later. And I stage professional ambushes from beneath the bedspread, which have a specially good effect if the humans are trying to sort out the laundry on the bed. I find their cries comical in the extreme.
Tallis: I’m very good at opening the cat flap when it’s supposed to be one way against me….And I sing loudly if the Curate is on the phone. While the dog barks. Often.

3. What is your favorite human trick?
I always enjoy the way they open the front door when they see my silhouette against the glass, and then stand there repeating my name in an awestruck fashion...till I walk away. Round to the cat-flap. At the back of the house. I'm not sure why they do it, but it's very endearing.
Chloe:They really aren’t clever enough to do tricks, poor things, though they do try. I think the way they open tins of cat food is really sweet, bless them.
Tallis. Yes...And the way they persist in believing that a keyboard has other purposes beyond providing an educated cat with a bed.

4. What human rule do you break often?
Well, all of them really. Isn't that what they are for? Collectively, we enjoy climbing into the vegetable rack, sleeping in the laundry basket, trying to climb into the fridge, bringing in our hard-won prizes to be stored in the kitchen

6. What are you glad your human does NOT know about you?
Teddy: just how many families in Privet Drive believe that they own a 3 legged ginger cat...there are still people worrying where I’ve gone back in Great Rissington
Chloe: what I’ve hidden in the bottom of my Girl’s wardrobe
Tallis: well, if I posted that here, she’d read it and find out….See, I’m not stupid!


Friday Mom said...

Get them a blog. They just haven't experienced. the ultimate way of procrastinating yet.

Beautiful cats....

Lorna said...

copied from "the other place" in case you didn't see it

(just back from hols - need to wash the clothes and no time to blog yet. Just think Finland are playing semi finals ice hockey today and finals in ... CURLING!! rofl)

LOVED your post from Venice. sigh.
one day (on hol last week we watched a programme about Venice and DD said *mum I'd like to go there with you. Wish we had mini breaks from here... but I thought of you and your DD)

anyway here's the post

,Kathryn I'm with eija on this."Kathryn remember - It's all good!
Why wouldn't you travel with us, just with your own rate?"
You ARE jouneying with us in this - just at your own rate. and come revelation we'll rejoice with you - just invited us to the party ok?

Caroline said...

wonderful. entirely wonderful. thank you.

Rainbow dreams said...

lol :-)

Songbird said...

What clever kitties they are!

Freedom Bound said...

Hey Mum and Bro!

Just taken a break from eating and sleeping under radiators to say hello! It's exhausting business you know!

So that's where I get the desire to climb into duvet covers as the bed's being made - and under them at night to find feet to play with!

Isn't it fun!!??

Big purrrrrrrrrrrrrr


St. Casserole said...

Great photo of your kitties! Where's the ginger cat's photo?
Thanks for playing Whistle and Fish's meme.

Leslee said...

Thanks for making me laugh. I'll have to see if Kit the Kat wants to play along one of these days.

LutheranChik said...

Oh, Kathryn, your cats are gorgeous.

Cats are cool. My favorite cat story involves Brutus, the extremely clever cat of one of my college housemates, who managed to steal every Christmas ornament I'd put on our sad little apartment Norfolk pine (I found them all months later in the dark corners of the basement), and who over the course of several months ate an entire Boston fern, one tiny leaf at a time. He also was able to unlatch the kitchen cabinet doors, which he liked to do because he found playing with the pots and pans while we were gone for the day very amusing...I once caught him in the act of trying to jimmy open one of those doors, and it was fascinating; he had a couple of his toes curled around the edge of the door, and was very patiently and deliberately working it back and forth. As soon as he saw me watching him, though, he sped into the basement and hid.;-)

Nikki said...

My favorite trick is waiting till my mum and her friend are going off to sleep and then coming and jumping on them, demanding that smelly cat food is got out, and then that the window is opened for my convenience letting a lot of snowy windy cold air in to the lovelly warm flat.

Sounds like you three have lots of fun aswell, and thanks for making mum laugh this morning.

Love Molly (the tabby cat belonging to mums partner)

Sue said...

You have very beautiful and smart cats!!

peripateticpolarbear said...

I think your cats are beautiful because they look just like one of mine! I tried to get girlkitty to look at the screen and see her across the pond twins, but she would have none of it!