Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Overheard in the supermarket

yesterday afternoon.
Infants' school child "Mum...tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday"
Mother "Well, really it's Shrove Tuesday love"
Child "Why is it called Shrove Tuesday?"
Mother "Because we eat pancakes that day."

And I thought my logic was dodgy!


Songbird said...

I love it!

Songbird said...

And it turned out to be Toaster Waffle Tuesday here, as we celebrated our new, non-firestarting toaster.

see-through faith said...


glad you had waffles SB - I was worried you'd miss out. (We had pancakses on Saturday - as we were all home then. The English kind (crepes) with lemon and sugar...

opps not a topic for Ash Wednesday.