Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It is finished!

All Ordinary Time reflections done and posted, Tax Return completed and submitted on the due day, second (and far more entertaining) stage of Emergency Management training completed...Now all I have to do is sum up the past year in one side of A4 for a ministerial review with the Archdeacon tomorrow morning (can anyone tell me what I've done this year? please!) and tidy the study (yes, again), and I can get on with running the parish. Wonderful Vicar is even now settling down in Bangalore for a month, thanks to our diocesan link with the Church of S India...which means that St M's is, for 4 whole weeks, mine all mine.
Not sure who has most cause for alarm, really!


cal said...

Wah hey. Congratulations. Good to know I'm not alone in leaving my tax return to the last possible moment. Sounds like you've had a turbulent month - as someone once said to me 'life, it's a wild ride isn't it'.

Lorna said...

hey I sent you email on this - but fro m your blog you've done loads. The difficulty will not be filling the A4 sheet but limiting yourself to it.

Tidy the office. Grr did you have to say that? lol

blessings and enjoy your parish and them you for the month!

Fiona said...

For me what you've done this year is to become an excellent priest and a better friend - and in doing so subtly changed my view of all Priests in realising that it is possible to be both.