Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last Saturday's book post

just didn't happen - as you may have noticed. No surprise there, then!
However, this doesn't mean I'm not busy reading...

Sillies for the week, thanks to my ever-wonderful public library were
(an amiable historical whodunnit, with good period detail and well drawn characters)
(set in India AND a detective story: how could it fail?)

But I'm doing some proper reading too -

John Pritchard's The Life and Work of a Priest

is so wonderful that I'm re-reading and taking notes as I go and will give it a post of its very own shortly. Highly, highly recommended - one of those books that makes you want to cheer every few sentences. Thank you, LMC, who produced it for Christmas.

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Tom Allen said...

John Pritchard's books has in my view become this era's replacement for Michael Ramseys " Christian priest Today" which has been the set read for some many vocations teams ACCM, ABM etc.What is both useful and inspiring about it is that it combines a functional understanding of the practical challenges facing priests in todays world (and today's Church) with a sense of priesthood being about "being" as well as doing.