Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Prayer of Saint Boniface

Eternal God, the refuge and help of all your children,
we praise you for all you have given us,
for all you have done for us,
for all that you are to us.
In our weakness, you are strength,
in our darkness, you are light,
in our sorrow, you are comfort and peace.
We cannot number your blessings,
we cannot declare your love:
For all your blessings we bless you.
May we live as in your presence,
and love the things that you love,
and serve you in our daily lives;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

This was a good resource for a day that included back to back funerals, one of which was quite hard going...Perhaps I'll be more awake to the legacy of St Boniface this time next year!


ROBERTA said...

what a beautiful prayer....just what i needed to lift my spirits on this very rainy day.....thank you!

marcella said...

Yes, indeed a beautiful prayer and not one i'd come across before despite my much vaunted knowledge of St B

Lynn said...

The great St. Boniface gave so much to the development of the Church in Germany. We need him now to intercede to help restore the faith in Germany and Austria after the numerous scandals of sexual abuse by priests. I am a devout believer in this holy man as I am of St. Rupert of Salzburg. May they intercede for the Church in Germany and Austria as they did during their lives.