Sunday, June 29, 2008

Roll up, roll up

or something along those lines.
Next Sunday afternoon is Church in the Valley's annual fundraising fair...In a moment of wild abandon, a "Circus Skills" performer has been booked (which is going to play Old Harry with our profits - but hey, if it encourages people to come along and have fun, it's surely worth it). A splendid group of stalwarts from the congregation is standing by to sell plants, books, cakes and toys, to operate the obligatory tombola and serve teas to our visitors, - so all the basic ingredients of a traditional church fete are ready, just waiting to be combined.
BUT we do need a few ideas for sideshows - preferably of the sort that doesn't involve the vicar and her family having to do all sorts of handicrafts in the coming week, which looks quite busy enough as it is.
We do have a set of stocks, in which I rather fear I'm to be incarcerated while my devoted flock hurl wet sponges at me....but beyond that, we really need some entertaining games that might engage passers by.
As veterans of church fetes on both sides of the Atlantic, I'm sure my readers have some suggestions....What is your "sure fire money spinner"?
I wait to hear with bated breath.... Thank you!


God_Guurrlll said...

do you have a double-jointed parishioner. That could provide hours of entertainment.

How about a juggler, a guitar player.

If you'll pay for a plane ticket I could be your double jointed, juggling guitar player.

Peace and love,

God_Guurrlll said...


Kathryn said...

wow...thanks god guurrll.
The problem is, this fete is way over budget as it is...Next year, maybe ;-)
Right now, I can do the money spending ideas, tis the money making ones that are causing problems!

Songbird said...

I'm unable to do anything but smile at the sound of your voice saying "fete" in my head.

Anonymous said...

i'm with sb - i love to "hear" your voice as I read this - i cannot believe you would actually be put in the stocks though!!

Rosemary said...

Have you encountered a human fruit machine? Needs large cardboard box(es) with three holes behind which sit three members of the youth group/whoever is running the stall. Each has a bucket of fruit - or for the circus theme, items such as ball, frisbee etc. When the punter has paid, each delves into their bucket behind the scenes and holds up an item in the 'window'. Two matching: small prize, three matches: jackpot! Endlessly variable and can be used again next year if you've spent ages making the 'fruit machine'.

Sophia said...

Hmm... this is a tough one. There's the always painless "50-50" raffle (if you're allowed to do things that have a hint of gambling). You sell tickets for a small amount (here we'd probably sell them for about $5 - so maybe 2 or 3 pounds - and then you draw a ticket at random at any appointed time. The winner gets half of the jackpot, the church gets the rest. We usually have success with various kinds of raffles of items also (takes lots of planning ahead). Service auctions are good if you have time and volunteers (bid on youth group raking your garden, someone to walk your dog, wash your car, make their famous soup or whatever.) You could have a good old fashioned southern US cake walk or a bingo tournament too.

Best of luck this weekend!