Friday, December 11, 2015

#AdventWord 11: Ask

It's surprising how hard that is - at least as far as asking God for things for those I love most goes....let alone for myself. Don't let's even go there.

I'm brilliant at asking him to intervene, to be close to, to love and support those with whom I have a mostly professional relationship - but to ask him to get involved in the muddles and struggles of my own life seems somehow too demanding.
Which is nonsense.
I know that intellectually.
Ask and you shall receive that your joy may be full, says Jesus - and I know, when I actually make myself think about it, that this isn't just an offer for everyone else.

Also, I know how much delight it gives me to be able to respond when those I love ask - for anything.
It's even fun to give the dogs their supper...specially when they look at me like this!
They have no inhibitions about the process, do they?

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