Friday, December 11, 2015

#AdventWord 12: DARE

Courage, risk, daring....has been very much the stuff of life for me over the past few weeks.
You see, my wonderful, shiny, best-beloved daughter has been offered a place to do a Masters in Library & Information Studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver - and (this is the scary bit) she is taking it up.
In 3 weeks time she will have landed on the far side of the Atlantic, and on the far side of Canada and be beginning to prepare for two years of adventure in a brand new country...
and that's fantastic.

She will love the course, with its specialism in the children's and young adult writing that is her passion.
She will, I'm certain, love Vancouver too. 
It's all good.
Except, that is, for the courage that's asked of us, to let her go.
It will be a wonderful adventure.
The Masters will give her the means to build the sort of career that she dreams of, working in school libraries to enable kids on the edge to find themselves and the courage they need for the future.
And - what a beautiful place to learn.

But - I didn't really like it when my kids returned to uni just a couple of hours away.
I've always found that the water-table rose dramatically in the last days and hours before their departure, and honestly, if there had been floods in the Midlands, rather than further north, they might ALL have been my fault.
I don't seem to have been fitted with the necessary rhino hide when it comes to saying Goodbye to those i love. Not even for a few weeks.

So, the question is not whether L will dare to fly - I know she will.
It's more a question of whether I dare unclench my mitts to let her go - and on that front I really have no choice.
I dare do nothing else.


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