Friday, December 04, 2015

#AdventWord 5 : Repent

I tend to learn alot about spirituality from my pets - most of entirely positive. Libby and Willow, the beloved dogs, teach me about unconditional love every single day of the year, no matter how rubbish the hours before I get home to them.
Figaro and Tallis the cats teach me to relax, be myself - and to get the sleep I need.
But sometimes I have to think a bit harder before celebrating their role in my life.
Times like this, for example!

Because sometimes the reality of Libby being fully her happy gun-dog self feels like a really colossal nuisance - and sometimes it causes no end of trouble.
She loved every minute of getting this mucky. Puddles are designed for wallowing, after all. But her fun made for a rather grumpy Canon later...
On the whole, though, she's got it right as usual.
Better to enjoy being fully alive that to live within the narrow confines of an overly-circumscribed existence of "shalt nots".
Her fun did no harm to me, or to anyone else...and her pleasure was, as always, infectious.
So - though I posted this picture with the thought that she really should repent of her swim, I'm forced to conclude that I'm the one who needs to repent once again - for allowing the hardening of my "oughteries" to rob me of some of the joy of living.

So - today is my day off, and we took the dogs to Kenilworth - and Libby celebrated with all that is in her.
I'll clean the car later...

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