Saturday, July 23, 2005

Another quiz...

You scored as Servant Model. Your model of the church is Servant. The mission of the church is to serve others, to challenge unjust structures, and to live the preferential option for the poor. This model could be complemented by other models that focus more on the unique person of Jesus Christ.

What is your model of the church? [Dulles]
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Mary said...

Hmmmm... the amount of GinP activity around various blogs suggests a deadine or two looming. And speaking as a black pot, I know a dark grey kettle when I see one.

Kathryn said...

Actually genuinely on top of things for tomorrow and Monday now...St James the Great for the dotty old sermon for St M's but I have my liturgy sorted...and I really truly cannot start writing address for Tuesday's funeral till I've conducted Monday's.
So, all I'm not doing is my expenses for the past year...ALL???
Well, I'm almost past caring...

John said...

Ooh - another quiz :)

I scored as Sacramental model (98%), Servant model (75%), mystical communion (56%), Herald model (33%), Institutional model (25%).

Sophia said...

Ok, that was fun. It occurs to me that I have a bit of a strange sense of what is fun... :-)

I scored as Sacrament model.

Your model of the church is Sacrament. The church is the effective sign of the revelation that is the person of Jesus Christ. Christians are transformed by Christ and then become a beacon of Christ wherever they go. This model has a remarkable capacity for integrating other models of the church.

Sacrament model 84%
Mystical Communion Model 73%
Servant Model 61%
Herald Model 50%
Institutional Model 33%

Richard L said...

Too easy to manipulate the answers to get the profile you want (after a bit of theological training that involved reading Dulles!) I'm going to make it give me the Servant model :)

Richard L said...

I came out Herald model (83%) which actiually isn't a surprise come to think of it ... but I'm really not that sacramental despite the 72% but hey it's only a game :)

Kathryn said...

Well, I had assumed from my Dulles moments during training that I would be likely to be firmly Sacramental...but in fact I had to have a tie break between Servant and Mystical Communion...knew I wasn't Herald, at least and as for Institution (4%)...should I really be a minister of the Established Church?!?