Thursday, July 07, 2005


An ordinary morning....School Assembly, Communion for the Old People's Home (my first opportunity to be able to offer them unconditional absolution and blessing), Toddler Church. As the mums were going home, the vicar came in to ask if anyone knew what was happening in London. Suddenly it was no longer an ordinary day. We were catapulted into a different world, one of fear and anxiety, where failure to reach friends might simply mean problems with mobile networks or ....
Many will be weeping tonight.
We know that Jesus weeps with them.
Lord, have mercy upon us.

We lay our broken world
In sorrow at your feet
Haunted by hunger, war and fear
Oppressed by power and hate.

Here human life seems less
Than profit, might and pride,
though to unite us all in you
You lived and loved and died.


Songbird said...

Kathryn, I am praying with you. Bless you.

Caroline said...

hugs and prayers, C

Karen said...

This American is praying for you and with you.